It’s been some time now

Γράφει ο Stefan Constantine Brouwer

The cleft of my soul as open as ever

Stripped down to the bone absorbing and draining it’s getting it

whole I’m bound by chains and leather

I fear for the Boy the end of our tether

The Nightmare goes on walking around I miss my Old Crown the

song remains Insane I’m Elm’s lonely Heather

A thought for the Girl of my heart

I played my own part now distant the treasure one talk single

leisure the poem is written on the back of the Card

How will I go on sobriety teases me

It’s been some time now the fear all around but it’s truly the path

I must face a new treacherous race 

but I have to run it at my own pace

That’s it what I do

Anxiety stress I’m riddled and blessed my own Razor Crest is

blown up by now but I look at the rubble I have nothing to hide

from no one forever nothing truly lost I will carry on for The Child

that’s you

The face that I see

Every day in the mirror

Moreso right now

Come on let’s just be

Through honesty’s horror

Me Man Selfish Clown

Athens, 2020